Me, but a dinosaur

I’m Jolene, a senior software engineer at Cisco Umbrella on the Data Platform team.


  • - Brain to keyboard to post pipeline
  • LinkedIn - I was told this was a good place to find a job
  • Github - Project wasteland
  • Twitter - Something about reply guys

Technical interests:

  • I like doing all sorts of stuff and have been lucky to wear many hats at my current role at Cisco where I get to work on interesting challenges and have learned many new things
  • Currently I help develop, maintain, and monitor the data pipeline and storage that powers the data behind the Reporting API at Cisco Umbrella.
  • I am familiar with using aws, terraform, ansible, python, golang, bash, clickhouse, nagios, and kafka to help with my day to day
  • I mainly work in a Unix/Linux environment and know how to exit out of vim but can’t speak for nano or emacs


  • Dinosaur me was drawn by my talented friend whom we refer to as Fish Goddess
  • A split keyboard cured my wrist and shoulder pain (not really but it certainly helped)
  • I can squat one (1) baby cow :cow2: (but not an actual baby cow, just the weight of one)
  • I once contributed to open source. Hopefully it’ll be twice, and thrice more!